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Just when you needed a gift for a friend or a little pick-me-up, “Bush Hogs and Other Swine” jumps off the shelves and into your hands. With an engaging foreword by Earl Hamner, creator of “The Waltons,” this collection of humorous essays will have readers chuckling and reading passages out loud to their family and friends.


Robin Traywick Williams is an award-winning journalist who writes humorous essays in the vein of Dave Barry and Erma Bombeck. Readers of her first collection, “Chivalry, Thy Name Is Bubba,” have been eagerly awaiting the publication of “Bush Hogs and Other Swine.”


Relax with Robin as she resigns herself to living in a jungle while her husband repairs the Oldest Living Lawnmower. Laugh at the uh-oh moments as Robin and her best friend, Dottie Fevre, get themselves into impossible scrapes in the mold of “I Love Lucy.” Nod knowingly as Robin makes fun of her inability to deal with urban phenomena like fast-food places. Learn how wearing pearls will keep you out of jail. Enjoy the “awwww” feeling when Robin’s daughter calls on her daddy in a crisis.


The author is available for speaking engagements. Contact her through publisher Wayne Dementi or at this address:

Robin's books are available online from the publisher, Dementi Books, and at many gift shops and independent book stores throughout Virginia. See also Amazon, Barnes and Noble and other online booksellers.

Also available as e-books.

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