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Book a World War II talk with Robin.

The Last Romantic War

Reading like a historical novel, this dramatic love story, writ large against the backdrop of World War II, moves colorfully from college dance floors to the training grounds at Ft. Benning and then around the world to the Japanese-held jungles of Burma. Bo Traywick, a dashing Army officer, and Flo Neher, a popular coed, face daunting odds in their quest for love. Burning airplanes, runaway horses, errant hand grenades and a sexy spy hold the reader’s attention from the first page to the last. 

Told with impressive historical accuracy, the book adds a new layer of understanding to the experiences of the Greatest Generation.


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Praise for The Last Romantic War


“…the story of an extraordinary family during extraordinary

times...compelling reading.”

          Charles F. Bryan, Jr., Ph.D.,

          President &  CEO emeritus, Virginia Historical Society 


“A thoroughly researched, beautifully and lovingly told

dramatic tale. A plot-twisting courtship from swing music

dance floors to steaming Burmese jungles via perilous air

travel. Evokes 1940s atmosphere and preserves precious

memories of the Greatest Generation.”

             Barclay Rives,

            author of William Cabell Rives, A Country to Serve

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“With characteristic humor, Robin Williams unspools a deeply human love story writ large against the backdrop of World War II America. It is a winning tale of love and loss that travels, satisfyingly, around the globe and back to love again. I missed these characters when I was away from this book.”

    Gabrielle Guirl Thomas, journalist and television personality


“Reading like an historical novel, this true story of two strong-willed lovers separated by the Burma Campaign of WWII fully engages the reader from the first to the final page. Researched from diaries, war histories, interviews, and family memories, Williams brings alive each of her parents’ hopes, dreams, and magnetism at a time of peril, uncertainty and evolving social mores. Moving, vivid, and thoroughly satisfying.”

    Norman Fine, author of Blind Bombing: How Microwave Radar Brought the Allies

to D-Day and Victory in World War II

“From this uniquely American saga spanning eight decades emerges a warm and often funny chronicle of war-time romance during the Forties. The narrative’s historical accuracy is impressive, but most of all the reader becomes privy to seeing the improbable prevail in ways that bring a fresh depth to our understanding of the Greatest Generation.”

Henry Hurt, former editor-at-large of The Reader’s Digest,

author of Stories from the Road Not Taken, Shadrin, the Spy Who Never Came Back,

and Reasonable Doubt: An Investigation into the Assassination of John F. Kennedy


“Movies and novels have long—and justifiably—explored the compelling tensions of love in a time of war.  Few, though, have achieved the rich and layered portrait that Williams achieves with the true love story traced in The Last Romantic War. Williams powerfully evokes the sights, tempos, and textures of American culture thrown into the mid-twentieth century cauldron that was World War II.”

Nancy C. Parrish, author of Lee Smith, Annie Dillard, and the Hollins Group

and The Downton Era: Great Houses, Churchills, and Mitfords


“The Last Romantic War proves love is the wild card of existence. It also proves that Williams seethes with talent.”

Rita Mae Brown, mystery writer and author of the Sister Jane foxhunting series

Robin's books are available online from the publisher, Dementi Books, and at Book People in Richmond and other independent book stores throughout Virginia.
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