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Praise for

The Key to the Quarter Pole

Named “Best Unpublished Novel” by Richmond Magazine and James River Writers

“Prepare yourself to be swept into the colorful tapestry of life on the backstretch.”

Polly Bance, joint-MFH, Deep Run Hunt Club

“…authentic…Williams allows her readers to become racetrack insiders, giving them a fascinating tour deep into the workings of the Sport of Kings.”

D. G. Van Clief, chairman, the Virginia Racing Commission

“A galloping good read! Fast horses and fascinating characters.”

Leeanne Ladin, author of Secretariat’s Meadow

“…Louisa Ferncliff…leaps off the page and follows you around when you try to put the book down, which is impossible…”

Patrick Smithwick, author of Racing My Father

“Better than a day at the races…I fell in love with Louisa Ferncliff!”

Mary Kay Zuravleff, author of Man Alive!

“The language is gorgeous…Louisa Ferncliff is an original.”

Bret Anthony Johnston, author of Remember Me Like This

The kehy to the quarter pole cover.png
Last Romantic Cover FINAL 08.11.20  - Co
Hogs and other swine cover.jpg
Chivalry Thy name is bubba cover.jpg

Praise for

The Last Romantic War

“...the story of an extraordinary family during extraordinary times... compelling reading.” by Charles F. Bryan, Jr., Ph.D., President & CEO emeritus, Virginia Historical Society

“...a deeply human love story writ large against the backdrop of World War II America.” by Gabrielle Guirl Thomas, journalist and television personality

“Reading like an historical novel, this true story of two strong-willed lovers...fully engages the reader from the first to the final page.” by Norman Fine, author of Blind Bombing: How Microwave Radar Brought the Allies to D-Day and Victory in World War II

“The narrative’s historical accuracy is impressive...brings a fresh depth to our understanding of the Great- est Generation.” by Henry Hurt, former editor-at- large of The Reader’s Digest, author of Stories from the Road Not Taken, Shadrin, and Reasonable Doubt

“A plot-twisting courtship from swing music dance floors to steam- ing Burmese jungles via perilous air travel.” by Barclay Rives, author of William Cabell Rives, A Country to Serve

“...powerfully evokes the sights, tempos, and textures of American culture in the cauldron that was World War II.” by Nancy C. Parrish, author of The Downtown Era: Great Houses, Churchills, and Mitfords.

“[Williams] has a very Anne Tyler way with characters.”

Tracy Dunham, author of Murder on the Mattaponi

“All the color and the character of racing leaps off each page.”

Sean Clancy, Eclipse Award Winner

Robin's books are available online from the publisher, Dementi Books, and at many gift shops and independent book stores throughout Virginia. See also Amazon, Barnes and Noble and other online booksellers.

Also available as e-books.

“Always a winner! Come along for the ride!”

Rita Mae Brown, mystery writer and author of the Sister Jane foxhunting series

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