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New Release!

Butch & Sundance 
Do India

comic adventure-travelogue

The Last 
Romantic War

true-life WWII

The Key to the 
Quarter Pole

​horse racing novel

Thy Name is Bubba

​humorous essays

Bush Hogs and 
Other Swine

​humorous essays

adventure -romance

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Butch & Sundance 3D.png

Butch & Sundance
Do India

“A rollicking adventure story straight out of the British Raj, told with humor and irony.”

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Head for
the hills!
Great, now I have an ear worm
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Last Romantic War 3D_edited.png

“…the story of an extraordinary family during extraordinary times…compelling reading.”

The Last Romantic War

Quarter Pole site1_edited.png

“A galloping good read! Fast horses and fascinating characters.”

    Named “Best Unpublished Novel” by Richmond Magazine and

James River Writers

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The Key to the Quarter Pole

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Bush Hogs and Other Swine

Bush Hogs 3D! trans.png

“This is hilarious stuff. Be prepared to laugh out loud.”

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“The only time I

stopped smiling

was when

I broke out laughing.”

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